Atkinson & Marshall Papers and the Highland Clearances in Scotland

List of wages of ‘servants’ engaged by Atkinson & Marshall between Whitsun 1815 and Whitsun 1816.

Material of trans-national interest has been discovered amongst documents relating to 19th century Northumberland farmers, Atkinson and Marshall. From 1805, Atkinson & Marshall began to lease land on the Sutherland Estate eventually leasing more than 100,000 acres. Introduction of large-scale sheep farming resulted in the mass eviction of tenants, a movement that became known as…

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A Major Cataloguing Project

The Northumberland Archives Service holds many collections from families and estates, the exact content of which is often unknown due to a lack of staff to undertake the time-consuming exercise of cataloguing all the material. The records concerned are not just of interest to the families who owned the estates but to all those who…

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Northumberland Healthcare

Castle Hills Staff 1945

Healthcare Project Aim of the project. This project will look at healthcare in Northumberland prior to the establishment of the NHS in 1948. It will have two main strands: An oral history project, interviewing Northumberland residents who recall receiving healthcare or recall their parents speaking about receiving healthcare prior to 1948. A study of maternity…

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General Fund

Protecting our heritage The Northumberland Archives Trust’s aim is to improve access for everyoneto Northumberland’s superb collection of archives and historic records. Itdoes this by raising funds to ensure that primary source material is savedfrom destruction, collected, catalogued and digitised so that it becomesavailable to all. The Trust also works with the County’s Archives Service…

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