Atkinson & Marshall Papers and the Highland Clearances in Scotland

List of wages of ‘servants’ engaged by Atkinson & Marshall between Whitsun 1815 and Whitsun 1816.

Material of trans-national interest has been discovered amongst documents relating to 19th century Northumberland farmers, Atkinson and Marshall. From 1805, Atkinson & Marshall began to lease land on the Sutherland Estate eventually leasing more than 100,000 acres. Introduction of large-scale sheep farming resulted in the mass eviction of tenants, a movement that became known as…

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Archive Trust Publishes its Second Annual Report

Woodhorn Museum and Archives

The Trust has recently published its Second Annual Report, charting the Trust’s development during the year to the end of March 2022. You can access the Report through the following link below. The report shows that, in spite of the challenges posed by the pandemic, the Trust has continued to make steady progress in fulfilling…

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A Major Cataloguing Project

The Northumberland Archives Service holds many collections from families and estates, the exact content of which is often unknown due to a lack of staff to undertake the time-consuming exercise of cataloguing all the material. The records concerned are not just of interest to the families who owned the estates but to all those who…

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Harriet Carr – Artist & Traveller

Painting of Harriet Carr

Thanks to funding from the Trust a new on-line module has been developed by the Archives Service that presents a range of material from the letters and documents of this late 18th to early 19th century adventurous woman. Harriet and brother John set off on their trip from London in 1791 and travelled to Italy.…

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Visit by Trustees to Berwick Archives

Documents Store at Woodhorn Archives

Trustees had an interesting visit to the Berwick Archives on 27 June 2022, following a committee meeting earlier in the day. The bulk of archived material is stored in a secure building with rows of shelves reaching almost to the ceiling and holding a wide variety of charters, documents, letters, photographs, ledgers etc., from across…

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Archives Service Awarded Grant by Lord Crewe Charity

Nathaniel Lord Crewe (1633-1721) was Bishop of Durham from 1674 until his death. In 1700 he married Dorothy Forster of Bamburgh and in 1709 purchased Forster family lands in Bamburgh and Blanchland, Northumberland. Under the terms of Lord Crewe’s will his Northumberland and Durham estates were left in trust with the income to be distributed…

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Recent Community Foundation Grants

The Trust received good news recently in the form of two grants from the Community Foundation, which, every year, awards grants to hundreds of small charities in Tyne & Wear and Northumberland, and across North East England, through funds set up by its donors. The first grant from the Lough Fund will allow work to…

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Blyth’s Industrial Heritage

The premise of the project is to work with five primary schools in Blyth to explore the town’s industrial history and use this to design how Blyth might look 100 years in the future, culminating in a co-created exhibition.

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